Holiday Programme Blurb

Term Three Holiday Programme 2023:

We are pumped for our upcoming holiday programme! We have booked in some incredible stuff and jam packed it with all the fun stuff the kids love. Along with each activity for the day we will be going on an adventure somewhere local from where we are based.

Registrations are now open!

Fuse runs such amazing holiday programmes every School break for kids in School years six to nine. As per usual, we have an exciting activity booked for each day, along with an afternoon of fun (hopefully in the sun!)

Cost $50 inc GST per day or $210 inc GST for one full week.
(can be paid by cash, cheque or bank transfer)
Places are limited and fill up quickly so make sure you get in quick!!


Please fill out the registration form for our Programme below:
(Please put your child’s 1st initial and surname as the reference eg. J. Smith)


And email it to: 


We can no longer do last minute registrations. There is now a cut off date one week prior to the programme beginning. If you miss this deadline, we are unlikely to be able to accept your child due to limited van seats.

Invoices will need to be paid *before* the programme starts. This includes WINZ subsidy forms being signed and approved. We can no longer accept children if the holiday programme has not been pre-paid.

Doors open at 8:30am and pick up is 3:00pm from 25 Wakefield Avenue, Sumner.
If you’d like your child to sign themselves out, please let one of our staff know and tick this agreement in your registration form.

Spots are limited on our holiday programmes. Especially at Alert Level 2! If you’re keen to sign your child up, you’ll need to get in quick!

We are fully approved by MSD and OSCAR. This means that you may be eligible for a subsidy. To find out more go to:

Bank Account Details:
Shoreline Youth Trust
03 – 1599 – 0405788 – 001

Please don’t hesitate to email us with any questions in regards to our future holiday programmes. We love hearing from you and getting your input.

Fuse Programme Co-ordinator,



Fuse requires pre-enrollment for anyone wishing to attend our holiday programmes. These holiday programmes are for children in year 6, 7, & 8.

Fuse will invoice you for the days you attend.

WINZ Subsidies
The Fuse Holiday Programme is fully approved by CYFS and OSCAR; as such you may be eligible for a subsidy. Please ask us for more information or go to

Refunds for withdrawals require 24hrs notice prior to the date of the booking. No refunds will be given for absences not notified before 24 hours notice.

Drop-offs, Absences and Pick-ups
Our programmes runs from the Fuse Youth Centre, 25 Wakefield Ave, Sumner.
If you want to cancel your child’s booking for the day please let us know before 8:30am. If you have not called by this time you will receive a phone call from us.
Failure to collect your child before 3:00pm each day will, at our discretion, incur a late fee of $10. This is unless we have communicated prior.

If your child becomes sick during the programme you may be contacted to pick them up early. Please do not send your child to the programme if they have vomited or had diarrhea in the last 24 hours.

Signing In and Out
Each day your child will be required to sign in. If you have give you child permission then they may sign themselves out. Please let one of the Fuse staff members know in advance. Please note: If a person arrives to collect your child whose name is not on the enrolment form, we are obliged to keep your child in our care until you have been located for consent.

What not to Bring
Children should not bring valuables or weapons. Valuables include IPod’s & IPads. If children are found with these items, Fuse staff reserve the right to confiscate them and return them at the end of the day.

Spending Money
Each day there will be a time slot at Fuse for children to buy lollies from our shop.

In order for everyone to have an enjoyable time during the Fuse Holiday Programme, we require respectful behavior from children who attend. If we feel that we are unable keep your child (or other children) safe due to your child’s behavior, we reserve the right to contact you for immediate collection.

We make an effort to cover every detail of the programme and provide you with all relevant information needed to enroll your child on this programme. Please notify us of any changes to your contact details, custody and access arrangements, and changes to attendance. Feel free to contact us at any time if you require additional information or have questions about the programme.

Parent/Caregiver Agreement

  • I understand that any changes to my child’s attendance on a holiday programme or enrollment details must be communicated to the coordinator before 8:30ameach morning via text, phone or email.
  • I understand Fuse will be responsible for my child/ren from the time they are signed in on arrival at Fuse until they are signed out at the end of day.
  • I agree to Fuse seeking medical assistance for my child/ren as needed and any cost incurred will be met by me.
  • I agree to Fuse staff administering the medication to my child/ren as detailed by myself in the “Medication Consent Form” that I have filled out and signed.
  • I agree to my child/ren travelling by van for any Fuse activities advertised on the timetable including unplanned changes to trips due to weather.
  • I agree for Fuse staff to apply sun block as needed throughout the day.
  • I agree to my child/ren watching PG rated movies as deemed appropriate by Fuse staff while on the programme.
  • I agree that photos and videos of my child/ren taken while on at the afterschool programme may be used for promotional use at Fuse’s discretion.
  • I understand that staff and volunteers, as appointed by and according to Fuse policies and procedures, will run this programme. (Please ask if you wish to view our policies and procedures manual.)
  • I understand that any person collecting my child/ren including myself may be asked for photo I.D. at any time.
  • I agree to pay for the full cost of enrolling my child/ren on this programme according to the days I have registered them.
  • I agree to accept all WINZ responsibilities and to pay any costs not covered by a WINZ subsidy.
  • I understand that I must give 5 days notice of withdrawal from any part of the programme in order to receive a refund and that no refunds will be given for absences during the week.
  • I understand that Fuse has the right to terminate my child’s enrollment due to lack of payment or due to unacceptable behaviour by my child/ren.
  • I understand that I may be contacted to collect my child early if they become sick during the holiday programme.

The Privacy Act 1993: Fuse wishes to collect personal details for the purpose of programme registration and supervision. This information will be viewed by Fuse staff only and will be stored in a secure location on site at 25 Wakefield St, Sumner. You have the right to view and check any details you have supplied. This information is not required by law, however, if the information is refused, Fuse may find it necessary to decline the enrollment.