After School Blurb

Fuse after school programme is currently not happening but we intend to bring this back better than ever in 2018. Our open sessions are still available and going strong. See below for details…



Wednesdays we will be running our drop in centre from 3-5pm which is completely free! And for THE FIRST TIME EVER year 6’s are able to come and join in the fun. This is run from 3-5pm for years 6-8’s. this is completely free as well however we do not feed your child. As it is a drop in style like our Friday nights we do not take a roll and your child is free to come and go as they please within the two hours. Our regular Friday session for year 7 and 8’s will now close at 5.30pm

Dissolve is our open session for year 9-13 and runs from 6pm till 9pm every Friday night in 2018

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Please read our terms & conditions before enrolling.

Invoices will be sent out at the end of each week.